Tomorrow's telemicroscopy available today:
The OPEN Concept

ZEM Technology managed to develop Telemicroscopy products that cover the OPEN concept.

With OPEN we mean accessible;

  • Accessible by fast downloads. Download the ZEM software within 6 minutes, even with a 56k6 modem!
  • Accessible by easy installation. Copy the download to your desktop and the software is installed!
  • Accessible by userfriendliness. Learn the software within 15 minutes.
  • Accessible by fast access. Access and control a microscope within no time.
  • Accessible from any location. Control a microscope from anywhere in the world, using almost any network accessed by any PC
  • Accessible by operating system. Run the software on the most common used operating systems, which is not restricted to Windows only.
  • Accessible by free client software. Share knowledge with as many people as you like, at no extra costs.

Interface ZEM

enlarge image

We know that the OPEN concept is the only right way for today's microscopy. Take a closer look and see how the ZEM OPEN concept works:

  1. Multiclient network
  2. Multiclient videoconferencing
  3. Platform independent / cross platform
  4. Free client software
  5. Easy installation
  6. Standard hardware compatibility