The open concept: Cross Platform

What is it?

In software terms, platform independent means that a software application can run on more than one platform, or operating system.

Platforms/operating systems supported by the ZEM are Windows (95,98, NT, 2000) and Mac OS.

The ZEM software runs on all platforms mentioned above. The graphical user interface (what you see on the screen) also looks exactly the same on each platform.

Cross-platform means that software applications run on different platforms can communicate with each other. When using the ZEM system, this could mean that a microscope is connected to a NT server, while simultaneously Windows '95/'98 PC's and Macintosh computers are connected to each other via this server!!!

What are the advantages?

  • No limitation of operating system = open concept!
  • No limitation of hardware = open concept!
  • Each software application (server, client) consist of a single file = open concept!

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