ZEM Still
Specially designed for static telemicroscopy applications.

A tool to discuss and diagnose images with any number of participants. ZEM Still facilitates sharing still microscopic images with an unlimited number of remote colleagues. Available functionalities include amongst others various kinds of annotations, picture gallery, relational database, video-conferencing and a chatting mode. Easy to use through the graphical user interface.

ZEM Dynamic
Specially designed for dynamic telemicroscopy applications.

A useful tool when expertise is located at a remote site or for use in clean rooms. Not only does ZEM Dynamic have the same features as ZEM Still, but it adds many revolutionary features that enable you to do real telemicroscopy. ZEM Dynamic allows each participant to remote-control the microscope as if working on a real microscope. Microscope functions that can be controlled include for example stage control, focus, illumination diaphragm and magnification adjustments.

ZEM VirtualSlide
A tool to construct a digital representation of a microscopic image for all available magnifications on the microscope. Microscopic images can be seen at different magnifications on one computer screen. ZEM VirtualSlide gives the look and feel of the microscope without the microscope being present. ZEM VirtualSlide facilitates storage of microscopic images for use as reference, in databases or for educational purposes.

ZEM Technology has an installed base throughout Europe, the United States and the Middle East. The ZEM Software is used in different fields and for different applications.