ZEM software eliminates the inefficiencies of traditional microscopy. Diagnosis is not governed by time or space.

Telemedicine is a rapidly developing field that enables the transmission and sharing of medical information to remote sites. Telemicroscopy facilitates the sharing of medical expertise.
ZEM Technology is able to provide the image quality, speed and reliability, necessary for dependable diagnosis. ZEM telemedicine solutions are set to play an important role in the provision of a better healthcare.

  • Pathology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Dermatology
  • Radiology
  • Gynaecology
  • Haematology

ZEM Technology offers a number of advantages that improve patient care.

  • Multiple specialists perform remote and independent primary diagnosis of tissue sections during the operation, no matter where they are located.
  • Consultant opinions are easily and quickly obtained, resulting in immediate treatment and reduced stress for the patient.
  • Expensive operation time is reduced to a minimum. Commutes to view specimen are eliminated, resulting in cost benefits in time and expenses.

Applications within medicine

  • Education
    Students will learn, discuss and practice through the Internet from an enormous amount of case studies with an unlimited amount of other students.

    ZEM software is an ideal educational tool, allowing microscopical images to be viewed by large numbers of people simultaneously. Students can look at images, when they want to, from where ever they want to. Exchange of knowledge is stimulated. Students widen their experience, and improve their diagnostic skills, through discussion and consultation.
  • Quality Assurance
    Laboratories or institutes that are involved in screening activities use ZEM software, ensuring that all specialists operate to accepted levels of diagnostic accuracy.

    Independence and confidentiality make ZEM software ideal for assessment purposes. In conventional screening activities variations in slide characteristics can cause discrepancies in diagnosis reports. ZEM software enables the electronic transmission of a single set of slides simultaneously to all participants in the scheme. This guarantees that every participant sees the exact same slides.
    Quick, fair and cost efficient quality assurance programs. Administrative work is reduced to a minimum. Screenings can be reviewed, maximising the educational benefits.

Quality control in dust-proof environments is done without entering the clean room. Engineers view chips from their desks. Progress can be monitored from anywhere. Facility downtime is reduced.
Hair-line cracks and minuscule production defaults are checked without entering the clean room. Failure analysis is discussed with manufacturers at remote factories, improving production techniques.
Research and development is stimulated through remote knowledge sharing.
Education and quality assurance are facilitated. Diagnostic skills are improved increasing the effectiveness of failure analysis.

Research and development at pharmaceuticals is facilitated. Entering the clean room is no longer necessary. Knowledge between labs can be shared. The development of research is accelerated.

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