Jordanian hospital acquires advanced Dutch Tele medicine system

Thanks to intensive cooperation between Philips Medical Systems (PMS), the Al-Amal Cancer Center (ACC) in Jordan and the South-West Cancer Center (SWCC) in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), have acquired the use of a high-end telemicroscopy system that is based on the latest technological developments of ZEM Technology in the Netherlands. This system, that was delivered by Uvikon in Bunnik (the Netherlands) enables pathologists of both institutes to consult eachother through ISDN or the internet and to share microscope images.

The ACC is a pre eminent regional cancer center in the capital Amman. In 1996 PMS and the SWCC started a cooperation to supply the ACC with knowledge so that cancer could be treated in the ACC. The three main goals of the cooperation are to detect cancer in early stage, education and research. Movement and sharing of knowledge is crucial in order to be succesfull.

The ACC has two pathologists. The Josephine Nefkens Institute in Rotterdam (which is part of the SWCC) has 11 pathologists, every one of them have subspecialties. In order to be able to share pathological knowledge quickly and dependably, the need for professional telepathology was defined in 2000.

Zem Technology’s telemicroscopy software enables the transmission of high resolution microscope images quickly and without loss of information. This ensures that pathologists can make diagnoses on specimen from great distance. This contributes to an increase in knowledge in both centers. Thanks to a quick diagnosis, supported by several pathologists, patients can be treated faster and with greater certainty on the correct treatment.

In this way the ACC cannot only command the expertise of the Dutch pathologists of the SWCC but also of specialists from all over the world. Pathological knowledge that is shared in this fashion is available fast, reliable and at relatively low cost.

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