What is it?
Telemicroscopy is the remote diagnosis of microscopic images in real time. In order to do this remote interactive control over a remote microscope and the transmission of microscopic images is necessary.

In the medical field telemicroscopy is required in the following cases:

  • the medical expertise is located near the microscope and a (remote) consultant opinion is needed for final diagnosis;
  • the medical expertise is located at a remote site and must perform the primary diagnosis. In both cases microscopic and/or macroscopic images must be transmitted along tele-communication pathways. In the second case (the medical expertise is located at a remote site), an additional system function is necessary: the ability to not only view and discuss microscopical samples, but also to remotely control the microscope used to investigate the sample. The first case needs a system that is often referred to as "store and forward" telemicroscopy, while the second case is referred to as "dynamic robotic telemicroscopy".