ZEM is a team of passionate and like-minded people looking to change the way people collaborate and build large and complex network infrastructure. Inspired by our own experience in the realm of large layer 2 and 3 infrastructure products, we set out to create the tool that would revolutionize the way people work together to realize these networks. We love IT-networks and networks of people and only by combining those two can we deliver on our vision for the networks of the future.

What originally started as an excel sheet to manage IP-address distribution has evolved into a full-fledged network infrastructure management platform that can be used for both construction and monitoring. We consider ZEM a tool that allows people to create better networks with less effort and complexity, allowing users to collaborate effortlessly, communicate clearly, and deliver as designed.


15.000+ ports managed


10.000+ ports managed


ZEM office opens in Utrecht, the Netherlands


5.000+ ports managed


First development instance deployed

Building better networks, together.